Berries adalah "Batu Kripton" untuk kanser.

Certain flavonoid-rich berries are the "kryptonite" of cancer and are well-known antioxidants crucial in prevention!

No MD or oncologist in the USA would dare recommend berries for cancer treatment, for fear that you'd either tell them the visit was a waste of time and money, or you'd wonder why they went to 8 to 12 years of medical college.
Berries may be the best advice any doctor could ever offer a patient who needs cancer-fighting superfoods instead of chemotherapy, radiation and chemical pharmaceuticals.
After all, cancer is caused by chemical consumption, so use some common senseCherries,blueberriesstrawberries (organic of course), blackberries and cranberries contain potent flavonoids, and the sugar is carried in the pectin, unlike refined sugars, so don't worry about that.
The proanthocyanidins are also a protective mechanism for preventing disease, as they lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure and increase longevity by fighting the aging effect of free radicals.
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